More Kudos from my Clients!

Chad S.

5/5 Stars

Coach Jamie is the best!! I have been working with her ever since I quit my job and had decided to to go into business for myself. She guided me through the good and the bad times. When I had first started I was so insecure on how I would do but she always seemed to know exactly what to say and how to guide me. At this point everything is going VERY well and I couldn’t have asked for a better coach. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Coach Jamie!! I highly recommend her to anyone that is trying to eliminate self doubt and take their life to the next level.

Roberta Knab

5/5 Stars

Jamie helped me tackle self-limiting beliefs and motivated me when I changed careers with a giant leap into real estate. She provided stellar guidance and support that helped me develop a powerful mindset. Her knowledge and know-how catapulted my new career/life to the next level. Jamie provided a great balance affirming my actions; she encouraged and empowered me to continually challenge myself to do more. I have unlimited potential to create whatever life I want for myself.

George W. Goddard

5/5 Stars

Jamie was our coach for our real estate investment company.  Her direction and guidance were instrumental to our development as investors.  Her strongest asset was her ability to keep us on track.  She held us accountable and facilitated our learning.  I would send all my investors to Jamie for coaching.

Jose and Amy Vega

5/5 Stars

Jamie was instrumental as our coach as we started our own business. We always looked forward to our phone calls with her to empower us when we were struggling, and to get us back on track. Jamie was very focused on helping us to set goals and what steps we needed to do to achieve them.  We have worked with her for three years and still refer back to notes from coaching calls when we are stuck or feeling some self-doubt.  Our business could not be where it is today without her empowering words and ideas!

Arnie Lifset

5/5 Stars

Jamie is a great coach. She understands where you are at and the support you need to move forward. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to grow and move forward!

Kim Storrs Smith

5/5 Stars

Jamie is a wonderful coach! She walked us through many challenges and gave us the push we need to step out of our comfort zone. Confidence is so important when you are operating a business and talking to the public. Jamie helped us overcome any self doubt that we had. Thanks Jamie!

Jennifer Wu

5/5 Stars

Jamie was an excellent coach. She was knowledgeable, professional, and supportive. Through her guidance, I was able to transition into real estate and start my own business. Jamie helped me set goals and stay on track. When I encountered any challenges, Jamie brainstormed with me and helped me find solutions to each problem. I would highly recommend Jamie to be your coach!

Peter Mora

5/5 Stars

Coach Jamie was instrumental in helping me drive a successful implementation plan of our business and in generating the confidence to jump into our first renovation project! Without her coaching and focus to our successes along the way, I’m sure we’d still be watching on the sidelines. She was insightful, experienced, encouraging and an Accountability partner to our forward momentum at all times.

Ximena Hidalgo

5/5 Stars

Coach Jamie has been fundamental in my process of becoming a great entrepreneur. Even though we are taught from an early age that we have ALL this potential, sometimes we get caught in doubting how far we can go, and that’s when coach Jaime brings back light and direction to your path… Jaime, Thank You for being by my side in this process

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