Performance Coach

What is a performance coach?

Just as world-class athletes need the help of performance coaches to improve and optimize their athletic performance, business leaders and entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to performance coaches to improve and optimize their professional performance. Performance coaching helps ensure peak performance, whether you are just starting out, rebooting your existing business, or beginning a new and exciting initiative.

Performance coaching services can range from business strategy development to team-building and process-driven coaching to make the entire organization work better. From mindset and motivation to operations and optimization, performance coaching is a multi-faceted approach to management and organizational improvement. By helping individual entrepreneurs improve their performance, performance coaching also impacts the performance and potential of partners, team members, and support service providers.

Jamie Saunders offers performance coaching services that are customized to the individual needs of each client. Learn more about her performance coaching services and find out if they are right for you.

What does a performance coach do?

A performance coach focuses not just on your professional skills but also on your personal mindset, habits, and perspectives. The goal is continuous improvement with an emphasis on the development of incremental changes that can help you optimize your professional effectiveness.

Many of us are operating based on a variety of negative conditioning and internal belief systems. These can keep us from conceptualizing and achieving our goals, communicating effectively with clients and colleagues, or taking on challenges that would otherwise be beneficial for our growth and professional development. A performance coach can help you break through barriers for maximum achievement.

Is hiring a performance coach worth it?

Hiring a performance coach is a personal decision, but it is unquestionably a worthwhile endeavor. From a financial perspective, performance coaching can help you “get out of your own way” so that you can set and achieve your goals and improve your personal and operational attainments for greater profitability and satisfaction.

In addition, the improvements realized through performance coaching continue to pay dividends in the years to come. By developing a mindset that is more conducive to high achievement and ongoing habits and practices that improve productivity, performance coaching represents a long-term investment in your personal development.

What are the costs associated with performance coaching services?

Performance coaching services may be priced in a variety of ways, from hourly sessions to ongoing retainer fee structures. In general, performance coaching involves an assessment of current behaviors and performance metrics with the subsequent development of a plan for ongoing improvement.

For some clients, performance coaching is most effective in person before major meetings, presentations, and negotiations. In other cases, performance coaching is geared toward the team or organization and requires the coach to facilitate communications and skill development. Whatever your goals, performance coaching with Jamie Saunders can help you create a proactive and effective plan for achieving them.

Are you ready for a transformation that reshapes not just your mindset, but also your business and real estate aspirations? Dive into a coaching experience that’s as unique as you are. With a program crafted just for your journey, it’s time to discover a partnership that works for you.

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