Coaching Options

Your 6 month Coaching Package includes:

Unlock Your Potential: Comprehensive Coaching for Aspiring Business Owners and Real Estate Investors

In today’s fast-paced world, achieving your business and real estate investment goals while maintaining a positive mindset can feel like a daunting task. That’s where our 6-Month Coaching Package comes in, designed to transform your aspirations into tangible success. With over 9,000 coaching sessions and a track record of empowering individuals to surpass their limitations, we offer you a unique blend of strategic business guidance, real estate investment wisdom, and mindset mastery.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Strategic Goal-Setting Session (60 Minutes): Kickstart your journey with a deep dive into your ambitions. This tailored session not only maps out your business and investment goals but also uncovers your inner narrative through a personal mindset assessment. Walk away with a custom daily routine that boosts your confidence and eradicates doubts, setting the stage for your success.
  • Tri-Weekly Progress Sessions (Twelve 45-Minute Sessions): Every three weeks, engage in focused discussions that gauge your progress towards your goals. Whether you’re aiming to scale your small business, grow your real estate portfolio with residential investments, or break through personal barriers, these sessions are your stepping stones. We’ll refine your strategies, optimize your operations, and continuously adapt your roadmap to ensure you’re on the fastest route to your ambitions.
  • On-Demand Learning and Support:
  • Session Recordings: Gain access to Zoom recordings of all our meetings, allowing you to revisit insights and strategies at your convenience.
  • Direct Email Access: Whether you have follow-up questions, need to discuss an unexpected challenge, or want to schedule an emergency session, you’re supported every step of the way.

Beyond Coaching: This package isn’t just about business growth and investment strategies; it’s about reshaping your mindset to embrace possibilities. It’s for those ready to not just dream big but to act big, with every tool, strategy, and piece of wisdom needed to make those dreams a reality.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, where your goals aren’t just met; they’re exceeded. Join now and redefine what success means to you.

Your 12 month Coaching Package includes:

Elevate Your Journey: Elite Coaching for Business and Real Estate Mastery

Embark on a year-long voyage of transformation where your business and real estate ambitions are not just planned but are pursued and achieved with unparalleled support and guidance. The Premier 12-Month Coaching Package is meticulously crafted for individuals ready to commit to an extraordinary journey of growth, optimization, and mindset evolution. With a foundation built on over 9,000 coaching sessions, this program is your gateway to becoming a leader in your industry and life.

What You’ll Experience:

  • Foundational Goal-Setting Session (60 Minutes): Begin your transformative journey with an intensive session dedicated to uncovering your deepest business and investment aspirations. This session goes beyond the surface to assess your mindset, crafting a personalized routine that enhances self-assurance and diminishes doubts. This is where your path to success starts, tailored specifically to your vision.
  • Tri-Weekly Progress Sessions (Twenty-Four 45-Minute Sessions): Dive deeper into your journey with tri-weekly check-ins, designed to closely monitor and celebrate your progress towards your ambitious goals. These sessions offer a more frequent touchpoint to adjust strategies, discuss breakthroughs, and overcome any obstacles in your path. Whether you’re scaling your business, expanding your real estate portfolio, or transforming your mindset, these sessions provide the consistent, detailed guidance needed to keep you aligned and moving forward.
  • Continuous Learning and Direct Support:
  • Access to Session Recordings: Revisit the insights and strategies discussed during our sessions anytime, ensuring no moment of learning is lost.
  • Unrestricted Email Access: Your journey is supported beyond our scheduled sessions. Reach out anytime with questions, for advice on pressing challenges, or to schedule additional emergency coaching sessions. Your success is our priority, every step of the way.

Your Year of Transformation: The Premier 12-Month Coaching Package isn’t just an investment in your business or real estate ventures; it’s an investment in the future you. It’s designed for those who are not just chasing dreams but are determined to live them. With an extended timeframe and more frequent coaching interactions, prepare to witness profound growth, achieve unmatched success, and redefine your potential.

Jamie's Coaching Services

Lets Develop Your Vision Together

This is not a cookie-cutter approach to building your business. I offer a variety of coaching packages and plans to meet you right where you are. Don’t worry about what you don’t know or what you haven’t done — the plan we’ll design together is totally customized to your needs and your level of experience.

I know that nothing is more personal than your business. In it, you’ve put your heart and soul and your plans for your family’s financial future. I’ll work with you to set goals that really resonate with who you are and what you hope to accomplish. 

As an award-winning business coach, I have coached hundreds of individuals and teams. Some were working in real estate as a side gig, while others were looking to take an already successful business to the next level. Wherever you are along that path, I’ll help you develop a vision for where you want to go and give you the tools to help you get there. Let’s get started!

Are you ready for a transformation that reshapes not just your mindset, but also your business and real estate aspirations? Dive into a coaching experience that’s as unique as you are. With a program crafted just for your journey, it’s time to discover a partnership that works for you.

Don’t Just Dream, Act! Schedule Your Personalized Call

Together, let’s turn your visions into your reality.

Whether you are just beginning your real estate career or are a seasoned agent, broker, or investor, you need to keep up with the latest ideas and strategies for growing your business sustainably and running it efficiently.

You need answers to the questions that keep you up at night, like:

  • Are you running your company or is your company running you?
  • Are you defining and reaching your business goals?
  • Do you have a marketing plan?
  • Do you have an online and offline presence?
  • Does your company have a clear brand?
  • Are you running your company like a business or a hobby?
  • Are you tracking your marketing strategies?
  • Do you have a work/life balance?
  • Do you love what you do?
  • Are you stagnating due to lack of funding?
  • Are you outsourcing tasks that are below your pay grade?

Whatever challenges you are facing in your real estate business, I offer the knowledge and practical wisdom you’re looking for to help you get clear about your goals and achieve greater success. At the same time, I’ll help you build resilience into your business so that you no longer need to fear the ups and downs of the annual sales cycle or fluctuations in the market.

As we begin our journey together, I challenge you to ask yourself these key questions:

  • Where can I find ongoing leads that I can reliably convert into clients?
  • How can I implement effective systems to maximize operational efficiency?
  • How can I begin planning for long-term financial security instead of living from one commission check to the next?
  • How can I put my knowledge and skills to work as a real estate investor?
  • How can I leverage my current investment holdings into a more sustainable model?