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Real Estate Investment Coaching


I’m one of the country’s few coaches offering consultation and coaching customized to the unique needs of real estate investors. Together, we’ll develop a plan to build a portfolio from scratch or leverage your current assets for streamlined management and greater profitability.

Success in the real estate industry comes from a combination of winning daily habits and long-term vision. I’ll help you set more meaningful goals and implement the incremental steps to achieve them. Along the way, we’ll tackle the negative attitudes and ineffective approaches that have limited your growth, paving the way for exciting transformation in your professional life.

What I Do

An award-winning business coach and certified life coach.

I’m dedicated to guiding you through the intricacies of crafting personalized systems, processes, and best practices essential for the expansion of your business. With a keen focus on scalable solutions, I’m here to elevate your growth journey. Whether you’re embarking on a new venture in real estate, seeking transformative strategies to enhance your current business model, or ready to take charge of your mindset, my approach is tailored to fit your unique path. Beyond just strategies, I emphasize the power of mindset in achieving unparalleled success. I’m committed to not only customizing your coaching experience but also ensuring you remain accountable to your aspirations. Let’s forge your path to success together.

Business, Mindset, and Real Estate Coaching:

Are you launching your entrepreneurial journey, refining your business strategies, mastering the right mindset or building a real estate portfolio? From foundational principles to advanced techniques, my coaching empowers you to build a resilient business, make strategic decisions, and seize opportunities for growth, a positive mindset and success!


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Jamie Saunders

About Me

My name is Jamie Saunders, and as an award-winning business coach and certified life coach, I know that for many real estate professionals, the challenges of running a business often interfere with the passion that drew them to real estate in the first place. With so much time devoted to lead generation, marketing strategies, and sustaining your business over the long haul, there’s little you-time left for family, travel, and hobbies — you know, the fun stuff!

“Coaching is one of the most valuable tools in the world!”
Tony Robbins

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